Bright Healthy Wide Smile


There’s nothing more beautiful than a genuine bright smile. Most often than not, those smiles took a little bit of dental work to achieve their radiant glow. However, there are some lucky people with exceptional genes that blessed them with an impeccable smile.


I decided to start my blog, Rite Price Dental, as a way to help people get a slight estimate of how much the dental treatment they need will cost. Usually when you call a dental practice asking how much a crown or an implant will be, you can never get a direct answer. Once you show up to the dental office for your consultation you might be slightly shocked at the prices they give you. I mean, at least I was when I needed my first crown.


Thus I decided to make this blog as a way to help people to get an idea of how much they might have to spend. Of course, each dentist has their own fees, so prices will always vary, but at least knowing the average might help you budget in your next major treatment.


Dental work is expensive, but there is nothing worse than a toothache, or having to redo an entire crown or implant because you decided to go to a different country to receive much cheaper treatment. It is much better to dish out your cash on a quality doctor than on a cheaper alternative where you might wind up paying double or even triple in the long-run since you might have to redo all the work. That is why I want to help people get an idea of how much it might be, so they can at least start saving, and cutting costs elsewhere.


I will also be writing about different dental topics in all areas of the dental field. So please, go on and read away!



Disclaimer: As stated before, dental prices vary from dental office to dental office. The prices provided on this blog are just an average estimate. The dental information provided is not meant as Dental advice. If you have a dental emergency please call 911 or head over to your nearest emergency room. If you have a dental concern please see your dentist as soon as you can to consult with him or her about your dental health.